Friday, April 1, 2011

Deal of the Week

Effective Monday, April 4th, 2011, the new Allen Brothers Grocery and Monthly Flyers go into effect. A ton of great deals on these flyers, but here are a few that stand out to me.
Heinz EZ Squeeze, 20 OZ Bottle
Item #: 838426
Available for $1.59 Each

Cloud 9 White Grape Palma, 25 Count Upright
Item #: 200207
Available for $12.77

Breyers 16 OZ Ice Cream Tubs
Strawberry (Item #927478), Butter Pecan (Item #927484), Vanilla (Item #927473),
& Chocolate (Item #927470)
All for a crazy low price of $1.34 to Allen Brothers customers!

Smart Buying and Happy Selling Everyone! Have a great weekend.


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