Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pizza Pushing Profits

We've discussed hot dogs and their importance to the food service sector, today we look at pizza. 18% of adults in the United States reported eating pizza at least once a week. What's driving these heightened numbers for pizza consumption? Surprisingly, it's not delivery pizza that's driving the boost in sales, it's c-store sales and take home pies. Good news for all of us in the convenience store industry, since we specialize in both! 43% of those that reported eating pizza at least once per week also reported that the majority of their purchases are made in convenience stores and supermarkets. With inexpensive pricing and the ability to purchase take-home pizza pies, the growth becomes more logical since the c-store and superettes are thriving with today's shoppers heightened propensity for good pricing and convenience.

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Store operated food service options are a progressive push in today's convenience store industry. Many of the elite performers in the business are embracing the wave of product diversification. If you're not offering food service in your store today, take the progressive step to ensure you have it in your store tomorrow and contact Allen Brothers at to get the ball rolling! You have a great opportunity to grow your business, and we can help. Check out the Allen Brothers Monthly Special's back cover for knock-out deals on pizza products today!

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